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What types of spots can be eliminated by dot matrix laser

Is it dangerous for beauty lovers with scar constitution to carry out laser freckle removal? In fact, one ultra picosecond freckle treatment needle will see the effect. If you want a better and significant postoperative effect, you should go to the plastic surgery hospital for three times. For women with chloasma on their face, you can choose photorejuvenation freckle to alleviate it. In addition, beauty lovers can only choose experienced hospitals, and the actual effect will be very natural.

What types of spots can be eliminated by dot matrix laser

1、 Which beauty lovers can use dot matrix laser to remove coffee spots

(1) there are some pigmented pigments on the cheeks, whether they are sunlight or freckles. Usually, this kind of spot brings people a feeling of “dirty face”. Even if they are decorated with foundation, they still can not hide them. These beauty lovers are very suitable for photon rejuvenation and freckle treatment. ② The cheeks began to appear loose, with small fine lines, showing senile skin changes. Such people are also more suitable for ultra picosecond diagnosis and treatment.

③ If you want to change the texture of the skin, expect the facial skin to be more extensible, more shiny and dark. ④ , rough facial skin, enlarged hair follicles, acne marks, open cheek blood vessels. Such people can diagnose and treat with the help of photon rejuvenation.

2、 What kinds of spots can be removed by laser

There are many types of beehive picosecond freckle removal, such as freckles, chloasma, pregnancy spots and other pigment spots.

It is regarded as the main target of laser freckle removal. Through the effect of honeycomb picosecond freckle removal, the above pigmentation can be completely improved. Under the action of picosecond laser freckle removal, these melanins will dissolve into particularly small pigment oxygen molecules, which will then be naturally discharged out of the body through cell metabolism.

3、 Is dot matrix laser freckle removal dangerous for patients with scar hyperplasia

Beauty lovers with scar healing difficulties and infected skin in the treatment area. Beauty lovers who have difficulty in scar healing may not be wounds, but scratching or conditional stimulation may form surgical keloids, and the excitation of strong light may cause the same response.

Certainly, there are very few such beauty lovers, and it is not difficult to find them after being summoned.

Bright light may also perpetuate the source of infection at the illuminated location.

4、 Will super picosecond freckle rebound again

It is a problem that people pay more attention to. If the dot matrix laser spot can not be achieved overnight, it has to be stable for 12-36 months. After the failure, there will be a relapse. But only after the operation is done, the retention time will increase. It is generally related to daily care. Generally, the success rate of picosecond laser freckle removal is high.

It is impossible to repeat in a short time after super picosecond freckle removal, and the detailed results are related to the maintenance after freckle removal.

Therefore, after e-light beauty and freckle removal, do not use water to smear the diagnosis and treatment parts. In the end, pay attention to keep the wound clean, avoid removing scars, and let it fall down by itself.

The key is not to expose yourself to the sun with the help of sun care products.

I don’t pay attention to the diet, and pay attention to eating less spicy things.

5、 Compound color light freckle removal needs to be done several times to have practical effect

After a laser freckle treatment, the color of the spots will become lighter. The treatment time of one needle is estimated to be about 15 minutes. The surgeon will determine the diagnosis and treatment time through the skin condition of beauty lovers. There is no need for special recuperation after treatment, and cold compress is required for 30 minutes. Within 7-10 days after the operation, the steps of color aggravation, peeling and falling appear at the spots. At this time, avoid strong light exposure and use irritating cosmetic products, Prevent forced extraction of dark spot blood scab. After the blood scab falls off, complete the water replenishment and sunscreen work. You need to wait until the next treatment time arrives.

After e-light beauty freckle removal, beauty lovers need to ensure that the freckle removal position must not have liquid outflow, so as to prevent the sequelae after color light freckle removal.

After treatment, local cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained, and sunscreen work should be done to avoid exposure affecting the effect.