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What are the side effects of dot matrix laser

I believe you know more about the laser in the plastic surgery project, but do you know about the dot matrix laser? Dot matrix laser is aimed at the skin problems with acne marks and spots on the face. It can effectively solve these problems and directly repair the damaged skin. However, any damage has certain side effects. What side effects will dot matrix laser have? Please check with Xiao Bian.

What are the side effects of dot matrix laser

What side effects will dot matrix laser have?


In the process of dot matrix laser surgery, the abandoned cuticle on the surface will peel off, which will interfere with the moisturizing effect of the skin. In addition, due to the photothermal effect, the surface temperature will rise and the water volatilization will accelerate, so the skin will feel dry and tense.

  1. Temporary peeling

After dot matrix laser surgery, it will help eliminate the thin waste cuticle, so the aged necrotic tissue will naturally fall down and be replaced by new healthy skin in a short time after treatment. Peeling is like the reaction after exposure, but there is no pain.

  1. Facial burning

The dot matrix laser can automatically adjust the characteristics of spot diameter and relative density to make the force evenly distributed. However, if it is operated in violation of regulations, it will also lead to excessive heat and the side effect of facial burning.


After dot matrix laser surgery, there are also wounds on the facial skin that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but bacteria can enter. If the equipment is not disinfected and sterilized completely during the operation, and the maintenance after the operation is poor, there are also side effects of wound inflammation.

The above is about the side effects of dot matrix laser. I hope it will be helpful to you. Dot matrix laser can effectively improve the skin, but it also has certain side effects. Therefore, I hope all beauty seekers can weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Each person’s skin will have different degrees of side effects. It is suggested that you choose a formal plastic surgery organization, so as to avoid the occurrence of side effects.

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