What are the consequences of stripping lattice laser

This treatment can effectively improve the quality of the skin, and there is no need for recovery. Some people may worry that not only will there be no side effects after laser skin replacement, but also there will be redness, swelling and peeling of the skin. In fact, laser cosmetology is a very safe cosmetology method, because laser skin replacement in formal medical institutions not only does not have to worry about any adverse harm, but also is conducive to the health of the skin.

Generally speaking, there will be no side effects and rebound after laser skin change, but it doesn’t need special care and won’t affect normal work and life. Therefore, friends who have finished laser skin replacement surgery should pay attention to nursing and avoid rebound. Good postoperative care is to avoid skin allergy.

After laser skin replacement, the skin will become rough and dark, and will show pigmentation after a period of time, or even yellowing, but this is only different. The improvement and recovery time of the skin is also due to people, specifically in the following aspects:

  1. After treatment, you need to be cautious in diet. After laser skin replacement, avoid spicy and irritating food and seafood, and eat more vitamin C tablets. At the same time, we should also do a good job in sunscreen, so as to avoid the treatment sequelae of laser freckle as far as possible.
  2. If we find redness, swelling, damage and bleeding at the treatment site, we should contact the attending doctor in time to find the problem in time. After treatment, we should use ice bag cold compress immediately to reduce the occurrence of redness, blisters, skin relaxation, scaling and pigmentation, so as not to affect the beauty effect.

The above is the introduction of the effect of laser wrinkle removal. I believe all girls who love beauty now know that the effect of laser wrinkle removal is very good, and it is still very good. You can try it, and then take appropriate exercise, so that the skin will become tight.

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