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What are lattice lasers and what are the differences?

In the clinic, scar friends often told me that I had done dot matrix laser treatment in XX Hospital, but the effect was not obvious. In this case, I often meditate for a while and think about how to answer, so that scar friends can have a good understanding of dot matrix laser scar treatment without hurting their peers. The general meaning of the expression is as follows:

What are lattice lasers and what are the differences?

  1. Dot matrix laser is a laser emission mode, i.e. non sequential laser beams, which aims to reduce thermal superposition and reduce the possibility of thermal damage; Dot matrix laser is just like the name of the car. Under the name of the car, there are trucks, cars, SUVs, etc. under the name of dot matrix laser, there are dot matrix erbium laser, dot matrix CO2 laser, dot matrix 1550nm non stripping laser, etc. at present, the internationally recognized gold standard for scar treatment is dot matrix CO2 laser;
  2. The main mechanisms of dot matrix CO2 laser in the treatment of scars are as follows: one is to cause limited and controllable thermal damage to scar tissue (increase fibroblast apoptosis and thermally decompose collagen fibrin), the other is to thermally start the regeneration and repair procedure of tissue;
  3. In essence, laser is a kind of damage to tissue structure, such as laser? Like moles, a “shallow pit” is left on the skin surface after the point of moles, and whether it can grow flat and leave no trace is related to the local healing ability of the skin. This stage has nothing to do with the parameters of laser treatment,

It can be seen that the effect of dot matrix CO2 laser on scar treatment is related to the regeneration and repair ability of the treatment area, rather than determined by the parameters of dot matrix laser. Is it not important to set the treatment parameters? No, the importance of setting treatment parameters is that the degree of heat damage during treatment cannot exceed the repair ability of the body, otherwise it will aggravate the scar.

  1. Since the dot matrix laser treatment of scar is initially a “light heat effect”, and the curative effect is closely related to the regeneration and repair ability of local tissue, in this case, the healing process of laser wound is more critical! Most doctors only pay attention to the setting of laser parameters and ignore the nursing of wound, which leads to the increase of uncertain factors of clinical efficacy.

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