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How to take care of your skin after dot matrix laser acne removal?

Facial skin is very greasy, which is especially easy to cause facial skin acne. Facial skin acne greatly affects the appearance. Then, what are the postoperative care of Exeter laser acne removal? Strengthen not to be exposed to the sun, keep clean and hygienic, and do not use cosmetic products within the whole day. The postoperative maintenance of photodynamic pulse laser acne removal is convenient to restore the white and flawless status of facial skin. Many sister papers choose laser dot matrix to remove acne marks. Will photodynamic pulse laser acne removal relapse again?

How to take care of your skin after dot matrix laser acne removal?

How long will it take to recover? Let’s go and have a look.

1、 How should opt laser dispel acne take care of? Is the effect good?

  1. Strengthen and do not expose to the sun

Because after dot matrix laser acne removal, the facial skin is relatively weak. At this time, you should be especially careful about sunscreen. You don’t have to go out during the super hot period.

  1. Maintain cleanliness

Pay attention to the cleanness of facial skin.

  1. Make up carefully

After e-light laser acne removal, the initial stage is good, there is no need to repair the face, avoid cosmetics to stimulate the skin and produce allergic symptoms. Opt laser acne removal surgery has obvious effect, simple operation, less damage and easy recovery. And after treatment, it will hardly cause harm to the skin.

It can effectively improve the problems of facial skin, and the effect is more obvious.

2、 How many times should dot matrix laser acne removal be carried out?

How much is it about?

It is clear that several times of red and blue light acne removal should be seen from the personal situation, because the real situation of each beauty lover is different.

If the symptoms of acne are more serious, you have to do it several times. If the acne situation is not very serious, it must be reduced in frequency. Generally, it can be removed after 3-5 times, but the symptoms of acne are different. In addition, the damage caused by acne to the skin is also different, so the detailed situation depends on how the doctor should decide. The price of photodynamic pulse laser acne removal is about 2288-13788 yuan. The dot matrix laser acne removal needs to be diagnosed and treated according to the number of times. The shallow spots need to be diagnosed and treated many times, the deeper acne marks need to be diagnosed and treated 5-6 times, the price of single treatment is about 1000 yuan, the price of three times of diagnosis and treatment is about 3000-5000 yuan, and the price after six times is about 8240-14952 yuan.

After treatment, medical cold compress mask and skin care products should be used. The price will be around one thousand yuan.

Can laser dispel blain have a relapse? How long does it usually take to recover?

After photodynamic pulsed laser acne removal, it probably won’t grow again. At present, e-laser acne removal is a relatively satisfactory and reliable way to remove acne. Meilai laser acne removal is a laser technology beam heat with a specified main wavelength, which is used for the skin to suppress the acne. The energy of the laser beam can effectively control the facial skin to produce a lot of sebum. At the same time, it has a strong and powerful killing effect on the bacteria in the acne, so as to meet the results of removing the acne marks and curb the regrowth at the same time.

The recovery period of photodynamic pulsed laser acne removal is almost two weeks, and the complete recovery takes about three months. Red and blue light acne removal often takes up to three months to return to normal, mostly because the effective operation process of laser acne removal damages the skin at the acne mark, causing the skin to regenerate the skin collagen tissue to remove the spots.

Therefore, it takes a relatively long time to recover after laser acne removal. Although acne removal is not a major operation, it also needs to restore the cycle. The acne on the whole face not only endangers the appearance, but also reduces self-confidence. Acne removal is a better solution. In the end, you are looking forward to becoming beautiful!