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How often is the dot matrix laser done?

Dot matrix laser is also a popular laser treatment in recent years. It is recommended that the interval should be at least about 2 months. It is usually appropriate to treat once every 2-3 months.

Dot matrix laser has obvious effect on solving superficial scars, large pores and small wrinkles. It can act on local skin tissue and stimulate local collagen regeneration by causing slight damage. The metabolic cycle of skin injury generally takes 1-2 months, and the regeneration of collagen may take longer, 3-6 months. If the interval between two treatments is too short and the skin does not have enough time to repair, it will cause great damage to the skin. Therefore, the second treatment should be done at an interval of more than 2 months, otherwise the effect is not good.

After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin will have small wounds invisible to the naked eye, which will generally heal within 24 hours. During this period, keep the wound clean and try not to touch dirty water to avoid wound infection. Ultraviolet rays will accelerate skin aging and stimulate melanin secretion. After receiving laser dot matrix treatment, the skin’s ability to resist external damage will be reduced. Exposure to the sun will cause greater damage to the skin, and it is easy to leave scars and affect tissue repair.

Usually you can take a bath 1 week after dot matrix laser. Dot matrix laser is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment method, which will form microporous micro wounds on the skin. These micro wounds need 1 week to recover. Therefore, local wet water should be avoided within 1 week to avoid inflammatory reaction. After the dot matrix laser is completed, in addition to not wet water within 1 week, the following common matters need to be paid attention to:

Diet control: within one month, avoid eating highly sensitive foods such as fish and seafood, avoid spicy and stimulating foods, and avoid bad stimuli such as tobacco and wine;

Nursing: after dot matrix laser, the basic skin healed completely after 1 week. At this time, you can take a bath. In the process of bathing, you should pay attention to avoid excessive hot water temperature to avoid stimulating the newly healed skin. You can use mild shampoo and shower gel. The newborn skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reaction. After dot matrix laser, sunscreen is required for at least 3-6 months to avoid pigmentation.

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