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How long can dot matrix laser remove acne marks

1) How long can dot matrix laser remove acne marks

Dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is a good method to remove scars. The improvement result is very prominent and there is no damage to the skin. The result of removing acne marks can be maintained all the time, which is not easy to bounce back; Laser beauty has both strong monochromaticity, professionalism and high heat density. It is a high-tech different from other forms.

(2) Precautions for postoperative nursing of dot matrix Laser Acne Removal

(1) After the dot matrix laser treatment, you can take antibiotics at the instruction of doctor * * * to speed up the progress of rehabilitation; (2) The surgical wound after dot matrix laser acne removal will scab, which can not be removed by hand; (3) Two weeks after the operation, you should pay attention to sunscreen and do not deepen the melanin in the wound area; (4) Always maintain the living habits of the injured part, never make up normally, never press or scratch; (5) Avoid eating wine, milk coffee, greasy and spicy meals, and you can eat green food; (6) If you find signs of inflammation, you need to call an expert as soon as possible, and you can’t take medicine for diagnosis and treatment by yourself;

(3) Which kind of laser scar can be used

The dot matrix laser method for removing acne marks is suitable for flat scars without obvious functional problems. After acne recovery, there are concave scars and vegetative scars of different sizes and heights. It can also be used for the diagnosis and treatment of scar hyperplasia and pimple scars.


(4) How long can the effect of dot matrix laser be maintained after removing acne and printing

Dot matrix laser anti acne printing makes the skin not easy to be damaged. If the trauma is too large, the laser beauty diagnosis and treatment must not be completely removed. It should be done several times in order to achieve good results. Secondly, the light wavelength of laser beauty should be changed according to the scene of trauma; There is no pain and no need to fill anesthetic. The result of dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is * * * and immediate.

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