How does dot matrix laser dispel acne take care of? How effective?

Acne basically puzzles everyone’s facial skin phenomenon. Then, what are the postoperative care of Meilai laser acne removal? Attention to sunscreen isolation, maintain clean, do not use cosmetics within 24 hours, after the laser treatment of acne, in order to restore the status of facial skin white and intact, many small cute pixel laser removed pock marks, the final laser laser acne will rebound?

How does dot matrix laser dispel acne take care of? How effective?

Usually takes a long time to recover? Let’s go and have a look.

1、 How should Meilai laser dispel acne care? Are you satisfied with the results?

  1. Strengthen sunscreen isolation

Because the skin is very sensitive after the completion of photodynamic pulse laser acne removal, it is particularly necessary to strengthen sunscreen isolation during this period, and try not to go outside during the time when it is very hot.

  1. Ensure cleanliness

Also need to pay attention to facial hygiene.

  1. Make up carefully

Do not dress up in the early stage after dot matrix laser acne removal to prevent cosmetic products from stimulating facial skin and producing allergic symptoms. The effect of red and blue light acne removal surgery is obvious, the operation is not complex, the damage is small, and the recovery is easier.

And after treatment, it will hardly cause harm to the skin. The problem of facial skin can be effectively solved, and the curative effect is more obvious.

2、 How many times does pixel laser acne need to be treated? How much will it cost?

Photodynamic pulse laser acne removal should be carried out several times in detail according to the individual situation, because the specific situation of each person is different.

If the condition of acne is very serious, it needs to be carried out several times. If the condition of acne is not very serious, the number of times will naturally be reduced. Generally, it can be solved 3-5 times, but the symptoms of acne are different. In addition, the damage caused by acne to facial skin is also different, so the specific symptoms depend on experts. The cost of photodynamic pulse laser acne removal is about 1888-12666 yuan. Meilai laser acne removal needs to be treated according to the number of times. For very shallow acne marks, it needs to be treated several times. For relatively deep spots, it needs to be treated 5-6 times. The cost of one time of treatment is about 1500 yuan. The price of three times of diagnosis and treatment is about 3158-4958 yuan, and the price of more than six times is between 6000-15000 yuan.

After treatment, medical mask and skin care products are needed. The price is between 1000 yuan.

Will Meilai Laser Acne dispel relapse again? About a long time to recover?

E-ray laser will probably not recur after acne removal. At present, dot matrix laser acne removal is a relatively satisfactory and healthy way to remove acne.

Opt laser acne removal is to use the heat of the laser beauty beam with fixed light wavelength for skin tissue to limit the acne area. The energy of the beam can effectively control the occurrence of extra sebum on the facial skin, and has a strong and powerful elimination effect on the bacteria in the acne, so as to achieve the result of acne removal. In addition, it can also curb the recurrence. The recovery period of Meilai laser acne removal is almost 10-14 days, and it takes up to 3 months for complete recovery.

The reason why opt laser acne removal takes about 3 months to fully recover is that the effective operation process of laser acne removal pit destroys the skin at the acne mark, so that the skin automatically creates new skin collagen tissue to remove the acne mark. Therefore, it takes some time to recover after getting the laser acne removing print. The above is the protective measures after e-ray laser acne removal surgery. Now plastic surgery projects have long been very common. Whether breast augmentation surgery, nose augmentation or facial skin acne removal, they will be recognized by everyone. Before acne removal, pay attention to full preoperative discussion, so as to achieve good acne removal results.