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Dot matrix laser for acne scar

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of sebaceous glands. It has a certain capacity of loss of capacity. It can be found in all ages, and incidence rate is high. The pathogenesis is mainly related to the increase of androgen and sebaceous gland secretion, excessive keratosis at the opening of hair follicle sebaceous gland and Propionibacterium acnes infection. The course of acne is chronic, sometimes light and sometimes heavy. Pigmentation, hypertrophic or atrophic scars can be left, especially the formation of concave scars. It is a difficult problem to try to perplex acne patients. Before laser is applied to dermatology treatment, there is no way to cure similar acne scars, and external and oral drugs are ineffective.

Our department has caused dot matrix laser, which is specially aimed at acne scars and brings hope to acne patients. The dot matrix laser treatment mechanism is as follows:

When treated with pixel CO2, the laser will penetrate the skin to form heat channels;

These channels are slightly damaged and will not affect the surrounding normal skin;

These affected areas (15-20% of the total treatment area) are heated, collagen recombines, wrinkles are flattened, skin is tightened, and scars are repaired;

The surrounding normal skin plays an auxiliary role in accelerating the recovery of the heated area.

This process can repair the scar and return your beautiful face.

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