Does the laser dot matrix work once?

Laser dot matrix therapy has an effect once, and the effect has a great relationship with the energy, dot matrix laser type or equipment of each treatment. Exfoliative lattice laser will have an effect every time, but the effect is different every time. Non exfoliation dot matrix laser is more for the treatment of small wrinkles. Sometimes the improvement is limited, and the effect may not be seen by the naked eye once.

If the patient is treated with exfoliative dot matrix laser, especially carbon dioxide dot matrix laser or erbium laser dot matrix laser, the effect is obvious because of large energy and great damage, especially for facial pits and large pores. Each time, obvious changes can be seen by the naked eye, such as fewer and shallower pits, folliculitis Local skin structure will also be improved. One time of laser dot matrix can not achieve the perfect effect, and it may take one course of treatment. For example, it may take 3-5 times for pox pit treatment to gradually improve and improve. The specific treatment content needs to go to the hospital for face-to-face diagnosis. The type of dot matrix laser and the specific course of treatment are determined according to the specific situation of the patient.

The recovery period of lattice laser is about 7-10 days. The thermal repair effect of lattice laser can promote the regeneration of collagen layer. Generally, you can’t touch water within two days after the dot matrix laser. During this period, epidermal growth factor can be used to promote the healing of the epidermis, and you can touch water normally after two days. With water, the scab will fall off slowly. The time for the scab to fall off completely is about 7-10 days.

Some patients will have red skin, which is a normal phenomenon and can recover slowly. After you can get wet, you should use more moisturizing skin care products. In addition, you should pay attention to sunscreen. You should go to the plastic surgery department of the local hospital for laser treatment.

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