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Does dot matrix laser need taboo?

After dot matrix laser treatment, patients are usually advised to avoid spicy food. After dot matrix laser treatment, there is still a small wound on the skin, so it is necessary to keep the wound clean. If you eat spicy and irritating food, it may cause local hair follicle secondary infection and form folliculitis, which may increase the possibility of wound infection after dot matrix laser treatment.

If the patient causes local infection reaction, irreversible injury and scar reaction may be formed. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should pay attention to contraindications within 3 days of treatment, and smoking and drinking are not recommended, otherwise it may have an adverse effect on skin repair. At the same time, pay attention to avoid light and sunshine, so as not to cause secondary pigmentation reaction.

Precautions for patients after dot matrix laser surgery are as follows:

1, the need to scab natural shedding: General dot laser surgery, 7-10 days scab will naturally fall off, taboo with hand squeezing scab, scab off after the wound may appear red, you can choose Erythromycin Ointment and Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor Gel mixed external use.

Prevent infection: avoid getting wet and sweating to prevent infection.

Skin care: medical skin care products for moisturizing and skin care need to be selected locally for external use. Skin barrier repair milk or Shumin moisturizing cream with low irritation and promoting skin barrier repair can be selected.

Sunscreen: local sunscreen is needed, such as umbrella and car, to prevent color spots and pigmentation after dot matrix laser surgery.

Lifestyle adjustment: in terms of diet, it is necessary to avoid spicy and stimulating food and alcohol, ensure adequate sleep, pay attention to rest and reduce staying up late.

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